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✽ NOTICE - Playing an Incompatible Copy Protected Audio CD

Some copy protected CDs, which do not comply with international audio CD standards (Red Book), may not play on your car audio. Please note that inabilities to properly play a copy protected CD may indicate that the CD is defective, not the CD player.


Order of playing files (folders) :

1. Song playing order: 1 to 14 sequentially.

2. Folder playing order :

❋ If no song file is contained in the folder, that folder is not displayed.

WARNING - Driver Distraction

WARNING - Audio System

Do not disassemble, assemble, or modify the audio system. Such acts could result in fire or electric shock.

WARNING - Antenna

Do not touch the antenna during thunder or lightening as such acts may lead to lightning induced electric shock.


Refrain from use if the screen is blank or no sound can be hear as these signs may indicate product malfunction.


Please inquire with your place of purchase or service maintenance center prior to changing the position of any devices installed in your audio system. Technical expertise is required to disassemble and/or install these devices.


Do not subject the device to severe shock or impact. Direct pressure onto the front side of the monitor may cause damage to the LCD or touch screen.

CAUTION - Device cleaning


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