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1. Front seat belt
2. Height adjuster
3. Rear seat belt
4. Rear seat belt [Center]
5. Rear seat belt buckle

Seat Belt

Front Seat Belt: Repair procedures
Replacement Front Seat Belt Replacement     Х When installing the belt, make sure not to damaged the pretensioner. 1. Remove the following items first : Х ...

Other Information:

Rear Driveshaft: Repair procedures
Replacement 1. Loosen the wheel nuts slightly. Raise the vehicle, and make sure it is securely supported. 2. Remove the rear wheel and tire (A) from rear hub. Tightening torque : 88.3 ~ 1 ...

Oil Pump: Description and Operation
Description The oil pump is built-in as a single unit with the 26 Brake chamber. Rotation of the pump builds the hydraulic pressure needed for the lubrication of the various parts of the transa ...


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