Kia Sportage: Dimensions - Specifications & Consumer information - Kia Sportage SL Owners ManualKia Sportage: Dimensions

Third generation SL (2010–2016) / Kia Sportage SL Owners Manual / Specifications & Consumer information / Dimensions

*1 with roof rack
*2 with 215/70R16 tire
*3 with 225/60R17 tire
*4 with 235/55R18 tire

Specifications & Consumer information

Bulb wattage

Other Information:

Cruise control system
1.Cruise indicator 2.Cruise set indicator The cruise control system allows you to program the vehicle to maintain a constant speed without pressing the accelerator pedal. This system is designe ...

Brake Pedal: Components and Components Location
Components 1. Cowl bracket2. Brake pedal member assembly3. Stop lamp switch4. Return spring5. Brake pedal stopper6. Clevis pin7. Snap pin8. Brake pedal ...


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