Kia Sportage: Instrument panel overview - Your vehicle at a glance - Kia Sportage SL Owners ManualKia Sportage: Instrument panel overview

Third generation SL (20102016) / Kia Sportage SL Owners Manual / Your vehicle at a glance / Instrument panel overview

1. Lighting controls / Turn signals
2. Steering wheel audio controls
3. Instrument cluster
4. Horn
5. Drivers front air bag
6. Cruise controls
7. Wiper/Washer switch
9. Passenger Air bag OFF indicator
10. Audio
11. Hazard warning flasher
12. Climate control system
13. Power outlet
14. Seat heater switch (with air ventilation)
15. Shift lever
16. Passengers front air bag
17. Glove box
18. Accelerator pedal
19. Brake pedal
20. Parking brake pedal

Interior overview
1. Door lock/unlock button 2. Outside rearview mirror control switch 3. Central door lock switch 4. Power window lock button 5. Power window switches 6. Rear parking assist system OFF button 7 ...

Engine compartment
GDI engine ■ T-GDI engine 1. Engine coolant reservoir 2. Engine oil filler cap 3. Brake/clutch* fluid reservoir 4. Positive battery terminal 5. Negative battery terminal 6. Fuse box ...

Other Information:

Type A Type B The speedometer indicates the forward speed of the vehicle. The speedometer is calibrated in kilometers per hour and/or miles per hour. ...

Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) (check engine light)
This indicator light is part of the Engine Control System which monitors various emission control system components. If this light illuminates while driving, it indicates that a potential malfun ...


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