Kia Sportage: Battery recharging - Battery - Maintenance - Kia Sportage SL Owners ManualKia Sportage: Battery recharging

Third generation SL (2010–2016) / Kia Sportage SL Owners Manual / Maintenance / Battery / Battery recharging

Your vehicle has a maintenance-free, calcium-based battery.

When recharging the battery, observe the following precautions:

For best battery service
Keep the battery securely mounted. Keep the battery top clean and dry. Keep the terminals and connections clean, tight, and coated with petroleum jelly or terminal grease. Rinse any spille ...

Reset items
Items should be reset after the battery has been discharged or the battery has been disconnected. Auto up/down window (See section 4) Sunroof (See section 4) Trip computer (See section 4) ...

Other Information:

RCV Control Solenoid Valve: Repair procedures
Inspection 1. Turn the ignition switch OFF. 2. Disconnect the RCV control solenoid valve connector. 3. Measure resistance between the valve terminals 1 and 2. 4. Check that the resista ...

Vehicle Care
General Information Your dealer has many quality products available to clean your vehicle and protect its finishes. ...


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