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Disconnect the negative (-) battery terminal.
Remove the crash pad and heater blower unit.
(Refer to HA group - "Heater Unit")
Remove the heater blower unit (A) from crash pad.

Remove the blower unit (A) from the heater unit (B) after loosening a mounting bolt and screws.

Make sure that there is no air leaking out of the blower and duct joints.
Installation is the reverse order of removal.
Blower Unit: Components and Components Location
Component Location Components 1. Intake case (LH)2. Intake case (RH)3. Blower motor4. Intake door5. Intake actuator6. Mofet [Auto type]7. Resistor [Manual type]8. Climate control air filter cove ...

Blower Motor: Repair procedures
Inspection 1. Connect the battery voltage and check the blower motor rotation. 2. If the blower motor is not operating when voltage is applied, substitute with a known-good blower motor and ...

Other Information:

Materials ...

Description and Operation
Description The SMART KEY system is a system that allows the user to access and operate a vehicle in a very convenient way. To access the vehicle, no traditional key or remote control unit is n ...


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