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CAUTION - Hanging clothing

Do not hang heavy clothes, since those may damage the hook.

Digital clock
Whenever the battery terminals or related fuses are disconnected, you must reset the time. For details, refer to the audio in the end of this section. WARNING - Clock those may damage the ho ...

Floor mat anchor(s)
When using a floor mat on the floor carpet, make sure it attaches to the floor mat anchor(s) in your vehicle. This keeps the floor mat from sliding forward. The following must be observed when in ...

Other Information:

Non-operational conditions of Back up warning system
The Back up warning system may not operate properly when: 1.Moisture is frozen to the sensor. (It will operate normally when the moisture has been cleared.) 2.The sensor is covered with foreign ma ...

Locking the Doors from the Luggage Compartment
Press the lock switch on the liftgate on the left-hand side. The doors can no longer be released using the exterior door handle switches and the luggage compartment locks. ...


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