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Component Location

1. Driver power window main switch
2. Passenger window switch
3. Front window motor
4. Rear window motor
5. Rear window switch

Power Windows

Description and Operation
Operation Function Of Safety Power Window When all door (Front, Rear) power window auto-up switch is operated, safety function is activated. 1. Safety function condition When detect the force o ...

Other Information:

Line Pressure Control Solenoid Valve: Description and Operation
Description line pressure control solenoid valve is attached to the valve body. This variable force solenoid valve directly controls the hydraulic pressure inside the line pressure. ...

Components and Components Location
Components Location 1. Sub frame2. Assist arm3. Upper arm4. Lower arm5. Trailing arm6. Rear axle7. Coil spring8. Shock absorber9. Drive shaft10. Stabilizer11. Differential carrier Components ...


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