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Third generation SL (2010–2016) / Kia Sportage SL Owners Manual / Maintenance / Normal maintenance schedule

The following maintenance services must be performed to ensure good emission control and performance. Keep receipts for all vehicle emission services to protect your warranty. Where both kilometrage and time are shown, the frequency of service is determined by whichever occurs first.

R : Replace or change

I : Inspect and if necessary, adjust, correct, clean or replace.

(1) If TOP TIER Detergent Gasoline is not available, one bottle of additive is recommended. Additives ars available from your authorized Kia dealer along with information on how to use them. Do not mix other additives.

(2) Fuel filter & Fuel tank air filter are considered to be maintenance free but periodic inspection is recommended for this maintenance schedule depends on fuel quality. If there are some important safety matters like fuel flow restriction, surging, loss of power, hard starting problem etc, replace the fuel filter immediately regardless of maintenance schedule and consult an authorized Kia dealer for details.

(3) Inspect for excessive valve noise and/or engine vibration and adjust if necessary. A qualified technician should perform the operation.

(4) The drive belt should be replaced when cracks occur or tension is reduced excessively.

(5) When adding coolant, use only deionizes water or soft water for your vehicle and never mix hard water in the coolant filled at the factory.

An inproper coolant mixture can result in serious maifunction or engine damage.

(6) Transfer case oil should be changed anytime they have been submerged in water.

(7) Rear differential oil should be changed anytime they have been submerged in water.

Owner maintenance schedule
When you stop for fuel: Check the engine oil level. Check the coolant level in the coolant reservoir. Check the windshield washer fluid level. Look for low or under-inflated tires. WA ...

Maintenance under severe usage conditions
The following items must be serviced more frequently on cars normally used under severe driving conditions. Refer to the chart below for the appropriate maintenance intervals. R : Replace I : I ...

Other Information:

Special Service Tools
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Battery: Repair procedures
Removal and Installation 1. Remove the battery. (1) Disconnect the battery negative terminal (A). Tightening torque : 4.0 ~ 6.0N.m (0.4 ~ 0.6kgf.m, 3.0 ~ 4.4lb-ft) (2) Disconnect the ...


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