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Remove the radiator upper cover.
(Refer to the BD group - "Front bumper")
Remove the bolt and disconnect the horn connector, then remove the low pitch horn (A).

Install the horn after connecting the horn connector.
Install the radiator upper cover.
Test the horn by connecting battery voltage to the 1 terminal and ground the 2 terminal.
The horn should make a sound. If the horn fails to make a sound, replace it.
Horn Relay Inspection
Remove the horn relay (A) from the engine room relay box.
There should be continuity between the No.30 and No.87 terminals when power and ground are connected to the No.85 and No.86 terminals.
There should be no continuity between the No.30 and No.87 terminals when power is disconnected.

Operate the horn, and adjust the tone to a suitable level by turning the adjusting screw.
Horn adjustment screw is automatically sealed with silicon sealant.
The shape and size of the applied sealant is variable and tails or dribbles are acceptable and not to be tampered with.

Components and Components Location
Component Location 1. Horn switch2. Horn relay (Engine room compartment)3. Horn (Low pitch)4. Clock spring ...

AVN System

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