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There are six areas where a problem can occur: wiring harness, the radio, the CD player, and speaker. Troubleshooting enables you to confine the problem to a particular area.

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AUX(Auxiliary) Jack: Repair procedures
Removal 1. Remove the knob. Remove the floor console upper cover (A) using the appropriate tool. (Refer to the BD group - "Console") 2. Loosen screws (2EA) and remove the floor console tray ( ...

Multifunction switch

Other Information:

Cross Traffic Alert System Limitations
The system may not correctly operate when any of the following occur: The sensors are blocked. Adjacently parked vehicles or objects are obstructing the sensors. Vehicles approach at speeds les ...

Switching Rear Occupant Alert System On and Off
Press Settings on the touchscreen. Press Vehicle. Switch Rear Occupant Alert on or off. Note: Performing a master reset causes the system to switch on again. Semiannual Reminder (If Equipped) Wh ...


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