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Third generation SL (20102016) / Kia Sportage SL Owners Manual / Features of your vehicle / Audio system / Voice Recognition

The Bluetooth and Voice Recognition Manual is provided in two versions due to software version differences. Before reading the manual, check the following.

Press the key in FM Radio screen.

1. If you can find FM <89.1>on the screen,

2. If you can find FM <87.5~107.9>on the screen

When connecting a Bluetooth Phone
Before connecting the head unit with the mobile phone, check to see that the mobile phone supports Bluetooth features. Even if the phone supports Bluetooth, the phone will not be found durin ...

Driving your vehicle

Other Information:

Rear Shock Absorber: Components and Components Location
Components 1. Self locking nut2. Bracket assembly3. Bumper rubber4. Dust cover5. Shock absorber ...

Snowy or icy conditions
To drive your vehicle in deep snow, it may be necessary to use snow tires on your tires. If snow tires are needed, it is necessary to select tires equivalent in size and type of the original equip ...


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