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TCM Problem Inspection Procedure
TEST TCM GROUND CIRCUIT: Measure resistance between TCM and chassis ground using the backside of TCM harness connector as TCM side check point. If the problem is found, repair it.

Specification: Below 1?

TEST TCM CONNECTOR: Disconnect the TCM connector and visually check the ground terminals on TCM side and harness side for bent pins or poor contact pressure. If the problem is found, repair it.
If problem is not found in Step 1 and 2, the TCM could be faulty. If so, make sure there were no DTC''s before swapping the TCM with a new one, and then check the vehicle again. If DTC''s were found, examine this first before swapping TCM.
RE-TEST THE ORIGINAL TCM: Install the original TCM (may be broken) into a known-good vehicle and check the vehicle. If the problem occurs again, replace the original TCM with a new one. If problem does not occur, this is intermittent problem.
Turn ignition switch OFF and disconnect the negative (-) battery cable.
Disconnect the ECM Connector (A).

Remove the battery.
(Refer to "Charging System" in EE group)
Remove the mounting bolts (A) and a nut (B), and then remove the ECM (C).

Install in the reverse order of removal.
Perform Transaxle Control Module (TCM) learning after replacing the TCM prevent slow transaxle response, jerky acceleration and jerky startup.
(Refer to "Repair procedures" in Automatic Transaxle Control System of this group)
After replacing the TCM, perform the ECM-related procedures.
(Refer to "Engine Control Module" in FL group)
Transaxle Control Module (TCM): Schematic Diagrams
1. TCM connector and terminal function 2. TCM Terminal Function Connector [A] PinDescriptionPinDescription1?54?2Line pressure control solenoid valve (LINE_VFS)55?3Torque converter control solen ...

Transaxle Oil Temperature Sensor: Description and Operation
Description Transaxle oil temperature sensor monitors the automatic transaxle fluid''s temperature and conveys the readings to TCM. It is an NTC (Negative Thermal Coefficient) sensor whose resi ...

Other Information:

Components and Components Location
Component Location 1. Power door mirror2. Power door mirror switch3. Power folding mirror switch ...

ESC OFF usage
When driving ItТs a good idea to keep the ESC turned on for daily driving whenever possible. To turn ESC off while driving, press the ESC OFF button while driving on a flat road surface. ...


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