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To help achieve proper engine and powertrain performance and durability, use only lubricants of the proper quality. The correct lubricants also help promote engine efficiency that results in improved fuel economy.

These lubricants and fluids are recommended for use in your vehicle.

*1 Refer to the recommended SAE viscosity numbers on the next page.

*2 Engine oils labeled Energy Conserving Oil are now available. Along with other additional benefits, they contribute to fuel economy by reducing the amount of fuel necessary to overcome engine friction. Often, these improvements are difficult to measure in everyday driving, but in a year’s time, they can offer significant cost and energy savings.

*3 If the API service SM engine oil is not available in your country, you are able to use API service SL.

MT : Manual transaxle
AT : Automatic transaxle

Air conditioning system
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Recommended SAE viscosity number
Always be sure to clean the area around any filler plug, drain plug, or dipstick before checking or draining any lubricant. This is especially important in dusty or sandy areas and when the vehicl ...

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