Kia Sportage: Center console storage - Storage compartments - Features of your vehicle - Kia Sportage SL Owners ManualKia Sportage: Center console storage

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To open the center console storage, pull up the lever.

Storage compartments
These compartments can be used to store small items. To avoid possible theft, do not leave valuables in the storage compartment. Always keep the storage compartment covers closed while driving. ...

Glove box
To open the glove box, pull the handle and the glove box will automatically open. Close the glove box after use. WARNING To reduce the risk of injury in an accident or sudden stop, always ke ...

Other Information:

Auto door lock/unlock feature (Automatic transaxle, if equipped)
All doors will automatically lock when the transaxle shift lever is shifted out of P(Park). All doors will automatically unlock when the transaxle shift lever is shifted into P (Park). ...

Repair procedures
Removal     Take care not to damage and scratch the hazard lamp switch assembly and its related parts. Apply the protective tapes to the hazard lamp switch assembly and it ...


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