Kia Sportage: Dimensions - Specifications & Consumer information - Kia Sportage SL Owners ManualKia Sportage: Dimensions

Third generation SL (2010–2016) / Kia Sportage SL Owners Manual / Specifications & Consumer information / Dimensions

*1 with roof rack
*2 with 215/70R16 tire
*3 with 225/60R17 tire
*4 with 235/55R18 tire

Specifications & Consumer information

Bulb wattage

Other Information:

Rear seat adjustment
Seatback angle To recline the seatback: 1. Pull up the seatback lever. 2. Hold the lever and adjust the seatback to the position you desire. 3. Release the lever and make sure the seatback is lo ...

If you do decide to pull a trailer
Here are some important points if you decide to pull a trailer: Consider using a sway control. You can ask a hitch dealer about sway control. Do not do any towing with your car during its first ...


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