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The seat heater is provided to warm the rear seats during cold weather. With the ignition switch in the ON position, push either of the switches to warm rear seats.

During mild weather or under conditions where the operation of the seat heater is not needed, keep the switches in the "OFF" position.


With the seat heater switch in ON position, the heating system in the seat turns off or on automatically depending on the seat temperature.


WARNING - Seat heater burns

Passengers should use extreme caution when using seat heaters due to the possibility of excess heating or burns. The seat heater may cause burns even at low temperatures, especially if used for long periods of time. In particular, the driver must exercise extreme care for the following types of passengers:

1. Infants, children, elderly or handicapped persons, or hospital outpatients
2. Persons with sensitive skin or those that burn easily
3. Fatigued individuals
4. Intoxicated individuals
5. Individuals taking medication that can cause drowsiness or sleepiness (sleeping pills, cold tablets, etc.)

Rear seat armrest
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